I have decided that snowflakes are like instruments in an orchestra. They each play their own song, up / down, fast / slow, big / small. They are each unique but together they make one big beautiful symphony.
Or perhaps every snowflake is listening to headphones with the exact same song and dancing. Today they appear to be listening to Mendelssohn.


A woman on the train kept saying to her husband. "What else...?" Over and over and over.

He really didn't have much to say.
the sun is shining.

the what?


One man's trash is one women's treasure. Lived out in its glory.


Today I wondered: how do you cross out an x?
I guess scribbles.
Today I saw a back-lit deer. 
Today there was a world being constructed on my way to work.
Today they added Europe.
Today I saw a woman wearing a yellow and black wizards cape. With yellow fringes and all, even a pom-pom on the end of the pointed hood.
Today I spilled coffee and creamer and it looked like a bull's head, with horns and all.