25 = lame mark birthday
I find it very awkward when someone is staring at you. Every time you look up, there are the eyes. How am I supposed to react to that?
computers fascinate me


apparently, if you can't find the food coloring, a magical fairy (in disguise as a 50 year old man) appears to point you in the right direction
I saw a teenager buying handcuffs in Jewel Osco.
note to self: running in the pouring wet run creates dry itchy skin. who would have thought?


doing dishes is like giving dishes a bath
just said flutted instead of fluid


hand cups

(I meant to say hung up)
creative zone much?


turns out my suspicions were correct. in the ladies room a coworker exclaimed "you look just like a baby doll!"

today my outfit reminds me of elementary school.
leggings and a flowery top.
turns out human hair has similar attributes to fishing line


the word nosy looks a lot like noss-y
sax player plays "if you're happy and you know it" while hundreds, if not thousands of commuters tromp homeward
if revolving doors were not made of transparent glass a lot of people would get hurt
"it's like a muppet exploded in a birthday card"
frosted mini wheats sink in milk


train naps = lovely
creamer in tea always reminds me of being on a plane
I wonder if anyone in the world microwaves their salad


we do not let tears fall down our entire cheek enough
Smacked up our face.

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eating off of or out of anything other than a real dish makes me cringe
it's almost like I am not really eating


my coworker was sitting in my office explaining that "having a job on the copier machine is like having a baby, constantly listening for it and seeing how it is doing." then she gets up, leaves and says " let me check on it."


tonight I was asked 'I hope you don't think I'm racist for asking this, but do you know anyone that works at IKEA?'


Do no trespassing signs really keep people out?