a man on a roof fixing the letter y waved back with a smile when i waved to him this morning
I just discovered the crazy beauty of frothed milk on oatmeal!


does hot soup fill me up because i have to eat it so slowly or because it truly is filling?
whiteboards have a lovely depth factor when doodling
what a morning.

1. man on the lower level of the train brought his new iPad in the box, with the plastic coating. either it is very new or he is a bit proud/over protective
2. couple on the lower level of the train were fighting and neglecting their 8 month old baby. thankfully the baby fell asleep but the fight ebbed and flowed as we made our way into the city
3. man had some fresh cut purple flowers from his yard stuffed into his roll-along briefcase
4. man had some packaging stuck to the bottom of his shoe. he stopped to take it off but it was really stuck so he kept walking pretending it wasn't there
5. a couple was having a fight on the street - yelling and cussing each other out, assuming everyone in the one block radius wanted to know about their conflict

never a dull moment.


spaghettio's has a deficiency of e's. the adult version should have all of the letters.
they should make spaghettio's for adults.
tagline: "for the refined child in you"


yesterday there was a very specific placed piece of trash on my way home. i guess someone wanted to expressing themselves through their littering.
this morning i saw eighteen - EIGHTEEN! - buses in a line on adams. it was three blocks long. buses buses buses.


acoustic guitars with vocals sometimes causes my eyes to well up with tears. beauty.


today I was drinking tea and after taking a sip the tea splashed back into my eye


today a on older lady exclaimed "you look so pretty!" as I walked by. we should tell strangers that they are pretty more often.


it never ceases to amaze me how many people that dislike their lives try to convince me to dislike mine. i mean really?
I just had a moment. I really like my name.
Call me crazy but I feel like after 24 years I have finally begun to feel like an Emma. Thanks for the name mom and dad.


it's official. i love vegetables.


this week i am struck by Jesus' willingness to die on the cross. he could have run away. he knew it was coming but yet he stuck it out.


the action of creation is spectacular. creating something out of nothing. i mean really? crazy cool when you strip it down.