rank smell on train.
people dropping like flies.
rank smell has now been partially replaced with rank berry body splash and lots of people looking around sniffing the air.
hearing someone snore in public places feels undeliberatly intimate


"Why are you so excited?" -somewhat grumpy older man states
"Because I'm on the traaaaiiiinnn!" -cute little 4 year daughter
smirks were shared by many.
My hair color did not help in my miscommunication with a florist the other day.
I was asking how often I needed to water the hanging basket I was purchasing and the clerk responded "of course you need to water it."
Did she really think that I asked if it needed watering?


according to my Swedish grandpa coffee culture has arrived in America


Cowbraro. Word of the day.


Ugg's in June. Really?


I have a love hate relationship with the fruit that drips all over your face and down your forearms
this morning Starbucks was giving away iced coffee from contraptions that looked like ghostbuster backpacks, the coffee came out something that resembled an air gun


Turns out 'the quiet car concept' heightens the annoyance level of any noise, the current annoyance of the couple catching up is so high that people might start switching cars.

And there it is. Someone couldn't take it anymore and said something.

And we have resumed silence.


i've decided that i want a typewriter
the smell, sight, texture AND smell of gushy banana makes me gag

dramatic I know but I can't control it


I love when I can read an ingredients label and be able to find every single item in my own pantry!


it always feels bizarre throwing a small pieces of garbage into a big dumpster


canceling a gym membership is not as easy as it should be

questions. questions. questions.
remorse. remorse. remorse.

No I don't have any health issues, I am also well aware that working out is good for me.