i just discovered that it is difficult to spell my first name out loud - not because it is difficult to spell but because no one ever asks


outdoor street chess always signifies summer to me


I love when I put down an iced beverage with beaded water coming off of it and it ends up dancing on my desk.


this morning I imagined everyone around me with bald heads. if this ever turned into a reality, everyone would look a lot more alike.


this morning a woman walked like she was about to exclaim "hail Hitler."
alas, she was just hailing a cab.

who chooses to start hailing 6 yards before hitting the curb?
sometimes I feel like phrases like, "life is good" and "don't sweat the small stuff" need to be stapled to my hand as reminders.
labeling CDs is very satisfying. there is just something about the sharpie gliding onto the shiny CD.
Today I was struck by my daily 'familiars.' My daily life consists of hundreds of familiar strangers.

the woman who has worked at my favorite coffee shop for years
my train mates that i see everyday
the woman with the blue backpack that often walks in front of me on my way to work
the homeless man who greats me every morning with "good morning beautiful lady!"

So many faces, so many lives, so many stories to be told.
I saw a skyscraper window washer this morning. Talk about an adventurous job!


a co-worker today almost wrote man thanks, instead of many thanks. 2 phrases with very different meanings - with just a one letter difference!
I think that pulling up knee socks that have scrunched to my ankles is very satisfying


coffee just splashed onto my desk in the shape of a duck


it's official: i am declaring today as a day to jump in puddles, NOT a rainy dreary day


somedays I just need to create something tactile
today a stuffed animal cat purse was sited at adams and wabash


choir is chair with an o


today we discussed blue raspberry artificial flavoring. i wonder who first said "let's call this blue raspberry."

today i heard a group of men call out to a woman "hey buddy!" just seemed a bit odd.