The woman next to me on the train is eating 2 hard boiled eggs, 1 hot pickle and protein drink. Not sure what a hot pickle is, is it heated? It comes in some type of foil packaging.
bacon mints. shocking I know, but they are real.
I was just informed that Oreo chocolate chip cookies exist.
I decided some disney songs would be a good start to my day. I got up and went to the bathroom and somehow by the time that I returned to my desk you could hear blasting Disney goodness. oops.


life is too short to not be silly
In a meeting today I kept hitting a coworkers foot.
I think it happened 6 times in a 45 minute meeting.
How do you explain that?
today I bought fresh bread from a bakery.
the only thing missing was a vintage bike, a bike basket and a red bow to go in my hair.
from the sound I just heard I have every reason to believe that there is a witch in my midst
a fridge is kind of like a grown-up version of tetris
except the shapes don't always perfectly fit together
the taste of tea with creamer (instead of milk) reminds me of being a on a plane


getting an electrical shock through headphones is a peculiar feeling
office temp yesterday: 85
office temp today: 60

would I get worker's comp for frost bite?


CVS marketing down the street from my office communicates that they sell babies...
and beverages
different guest blog in response to first guest blog:
It's like a lowlight.

Here is a post from a guest, I guess making it a guest blog:
Did you know that highlighter actually fades over time? Does that not defeat its original purpose?

Is it normal to take a nap 1 1/2 hours after you have woken up for the day?


Decommuting=commuting the opposite way


today I was told: "I like that shirt, it matches your eyeballs"
Sometimes I think that talking to myself is so funny I laugh out loud.


I get frustrated when a Customer Service phone number is buried in a website. Customer Service starts before I even pick up the phone and start looking for a phone number.
I just saw a man holding a handwritten sign 'NEED WEBSITE'
if ASAP is attached to all requests, it negates any legit urgency


Apparently Thai iced tea is 1/3 part iced tea, 1/3 part whipped cream and 1/3 ice cubes.
Soup forces you to slow down.
The A&E logo is lovely. Never noticed it's beauty and simplicity before.
Yesterday at work I was stuck on a perspective issue.
This morning I figured it out in the shower.

The creative mind is a mysterious place.


Just found out that Starbucks in hotels jack up their prices. When questioned the cashier thought we were crazy.
I just saw 3 different doors with the language 'please use other door' repeated again and again and again. 2 red, 1 black. I guess only one of them works. The last door also says 'CAUTION door slams due to high winds proceed with caution and watch hands.' So intense.


Mass texting irks me.
I saw 15 men waiting in line for flowers at Union Station tonight.
I just called the library and the operator answered. Then I asked 'I'm looking for a book are you the right person to talk to?' seemed a bit silly since most people are most likely calling about books when calling a library.
Apparently my purchase of popcorn once every other month has branded me. I sat down on the train and the guy next to me looks quizzically and says 'no popcorn?'
Today I saw stranger proposing. Ring and everything.
I had like 4 people yesterday say "wow! it looks so clean in here!"
all I did was add a new lamp.

power of light.


Taking the o out of occupational creates an interesting result.


Brushing your teeth with a hair in your toothbrush is very peculiar feeling.


i didn't know that you could get an electrical shock on your eyelash. apparently this is possible.
it amazes me when people are impatient when I ask a question that they themselves have asked me to ask
I've worked in the same office for 4 years, used the kitchen pretty much everyday, and just today I noticed for the first time that the kitchen sink has CANADA etched into it.
the sidewalks for my route to work are not plowed. this results in 4 minutes of hyper-adrenaline, heart racing, scurrying every morning


I have a friend with a delightful laugh. When I'm around him I try really hard to think of funny things to say, just to hear him laugh.
the man next to me has a backpack with a tag that says 'nothing worth stealing in here'
coworker: i'm bald because i just pulled out all my hair

since this was communicated to me on the phone, it created a very funny visual in my head
today I lept up onto my colleague's desk in one full swoop
the view from up there is refreshingly different


it's like living in a snow globe
good observation was made last night, superbowl is similar to thanksgiving.
a big feast and some sort of social gathering is almost always expected.
things with fake sugar make me feel like i'm eating chemicals


i just got a shock to my ear.
rays of sunshine feel like smiles splashing onto my face
if i were to make a tower of all of the rubbermaid and coffee mugs that i have left at work over the last month, and neglected to bring home i might add, it would be taller than me
snow makes people impatient