2 of the leading coffee shops in the nation are recognized by the same acronym
in a meeting monday someone used an acronym for Save the Date

this will most likely signify the last time that mistake is made


i have just been informed that i missed national handwriting day
i am sincerely disappointed.
i think that cinnamon raisin bread goes well with just about everything
I've recently discovered that I suck at listening to the menus when calling toll-free numbers. This spaciness results in having to listen to the menus at least two or three times.


i was a bit surprised to see a women freestyle dancing in the middle of the street this morning.
then i figured out that she was slipping on ice vs. awkwardly breaking into dance


according to my high schooler chickens poop eggs


"I've recently discovered that chili is surprisingly filling. It's like a sneak attack." -Michelle
a man just yelled into his phone "it's corny to get on your knees and say will you marry me!"
call me crazy, but I love the feeling up pulling up my socks, even better if the experience is lengthened by knee socks
a want a bouncy ball suit and a big padded room


my then-cookies-now-rocks have been attacked by 72 hours of air


Does anyone ever call the phone number on the 'to advertise here' billboards? I want to meet the guy who sees a blank billboard and says 'Wow! That is exactly what I should do! That location is perfect for my new marketing efforts.'


Wisconsin radio has 2 options: country and country twang
Still feel like Europe. Just ate some frog legs.
I guess I'm taking a speed trip through Europe: Denmark, luxemborg, Brussels... Oh wait I'm just in the boonies of Wisconsin.


My new friend and I were catching the same train. He was sprinting I was walking.
> A busy street on my walking route went from one way to two way. Accident waiting to happen.
you can determine if someone is going to be an escalator walker or stander by the speed at which they step on
this morning I'm reminded of how precious life is


I just heard someone say, "for like 47 minutes," the descriptor seems a bit odd smashed with 47
Red bull man is back. Don't you just loooove Wednesdays?
the smell of fresh brewing coffee in the kitchen reminds me of grandma's


I'm about to get off the train and there are two men with the exact same shoes on
today i discovered strips of plastic in my shirt seams
it fascinates me that as a human race we are much faster to get angry when other peoples action make us look bad
this morning someone stepped on the back of my shoe on my way to work.
it came off.


i find it interesting when people start a conversation with 'not that it matters'
this morning I was minding my own business walking to my desk and a grumpy coworker with a 'get a life'

perplexity ensued