Speed bumps are always too bumpy
It fascinates me when peoples frustration rises so high that they feel the need to get everyone around them just as annoyed.


the capacities of the human eye far exceeds any camera lens
Today I saw two women wearing short shorts with cowboy boots, no socks
I just encountered a 5 foot 40 year old woman walking through the train station with rap music playing loudly on her compact speakers


bees typically have their stingers retracted


water fountains and book stores are amazing


I just heard someone say 'yo madre'
autumn chill has a distinct silence to it


electrical pencil sharpeners are loaded with instant gratification


word of the day:

what was lost has now been found.
gone are the days of fork paranoia.

I have found my long-lost fork.
Zippers. That's my favorite part of camping. The sound of zippers.
I can't help but smile when I see someone wearing a big backpack and all you can see from the back are legs. If backpacks were people.
Complaining is very much like offering someone else verbal toxins. Who does it really benefit?
The air in chip bags is there to protect the chips from breaking. Hearts should have bags with air.
Reflections are trippy. Especially standing water. When the water dries up, no reflection.
Crispness is in the air.
Public facilities are cleaner in the morning.
This morning I discovered that in the middle of the night I unplugged my camera battery and woke up craddling it.


umbrellas are majestic objects