Saying left seems to be much more logical than saying starboard.


new word of the day: curricula


I'm going to miss seeing the sing-at-the-top-of-your-lungs-it's-summer drivers.
This shirt makes me feel like the obnoxious lizard from Rescuers Down Under.
I just got mega shushed on a none quiet car. I'm trying to bite my tongue before I sternly inform him of this.


Observing business men on the train never gets old. This morning we have the red tie man tying his tie.


One of my favorite conductors literally is eye level with my feet when he's collecting tickets from the top level of the metra. I think I shall name him Jack.
genius-observation-moment-of-the-day made by Elizabeth:

country music repeats the title of the song like 50 times in the actual song

So a guy turns to me on the train and says "I've sat next to a lot of people on the train but I have to say that you are by far the most annoying." I felt the air in my lungs quickly escape. Was he really about to tell me that talking quietly to my neighbor was that obnoxious?

Turns out he was just jealous of my brownies and (unopened mind you) two bottles of beer.

Dramatic much?


new journal.
new journeys.



today I was informed that my grandmothers earrings were so chanel

Depantsing man is back. He did it again.