"you are currently sitting on a dead train"-train conductor
"honey I don't make designs"-train conductor


Chewing on gum and sucking on a mint at the same time is a weird sensation.
"my manageable OCD tendencies"-coworker


Wouldn't it be cruel to name a child next?-steve


"i'll take 'projects I've been sitting on for a week' for 200 Alex" –coworker
"i'll put that into the head scratch-er pile"–coworker


pm stands for post meridiem


"Sometimes I feel like I hog you." -Elizabeth


I wish I knew how to do cartwheels.
Just saw a man dressed up like Albert Einstein rapping on Michigan and Randolph.


word of the day: crinkly
Flutophone's are real.


I think cottage cheese gets a bad rap. -Steve
"This is the fly at my picnic" –coworker
I was just told by a coworker that I was eating a hobo meal. Nice.


Everytime I see you with scarves it makes me want to puke.


Today is the best day of the whole year.
I just love exploring your house with my eyes. -Justin


"Trees grow from the air"-Nik


can I have a beef pancake on a bun?
thank you for the gift of good smells in my nose


"cars just seem so antiquated" -Michelle


"Have you been smelling some type of byproduct of a secret pizza party going on around here?" –coworker


Quiet cars are great for napping.


"otherwise it is just going to look like a big pile of doo-doo if you put all that copy in there"


Homewoods water tower says the followig: home sweet Homewood.
"I just like the excuse of getting to call women wenches all day."
-random stranger on the metra electric


nice strangers on the other side of the phone make all the difference when making phone calls you don't want to make
shiny things make my eyes hurt
free things are better when shared


I just realized that I've been spelling a word wrong for as long as I remember using it.
Beauteous, not beautious.



do yourself a favor and NEVER google leeches to verify that you've spelt it correctly


turns out that highlighting highlighter is not super effective


what is it about sunglasses that makes you feel so cool?


"You know. There are a lot of people artified there."


coworker "I feel like a stuffed sausage today"
bow and bow have the same spelling


I think we should use the term brilliant more frequently in the American language.
So I was walking down the street.
Short middle aged man—apparently on his lunch—with a fedora, an 80's windbreaker and a tiny boombox. Thriller was blasting from the speakers and, you guessed it, the man was doing the full out dance. At one point he was even laying on the ground.

I wasn't quite sure how to respond.


I was trying to write tubberware and my phone corrected it to Tub edward. Naturally, that's exactly what I was trying to say.


Silence communicates.
Cooking is all intuition.

With lots of mistakes along the way.


If there were no short people there would be no tall people.
I was just informed by Chase that I am one of their best customers. I feel honored. Sniff sniff.


Saying left seems to be much more logical than saying starboard.


new word of the day: curricula


I'm going to miss seeing the sing-at-the-top-of-your-lungs-it's-summer drivers.
This shirt makes me feel like the obnoxious lizard from Rescuers Down Under.
I just got mega shushed on a none quiet car. I'm trying to bite my tongue before I sternly inform him of this.


Observing business men on the train never gets old. This morning we have the red tie man tying his tie.


One of my favorite conductors literally is eye level with my feet when he's collecting tickets from the top level of the metra. I think I shall name him Jack.
genius-observation-moment-of-the-day made by Elizabeth:

country music repeats the title of the song like 50 times in the actual song

So a guy turns to me on the train and says "I've sat next to a lot of people on the train but I have to say that you are by far the most annoying." I felt the air in my lungs quickly escape. Was he really about to tell me that talking quietly to my neighbor was that obnoxious?

Turns out he was just jealous of my brownies and (unopened mind you) two bottles of beer.

Dramatic much?


new journal.
new journeys.



today I was informed that my grandmothers earrings were so chanel

Depantsing man is back. He did it again.


Just saw someone throw a burning cigarette into a pile of woodchips without snuffing it out...really?
Life Lessons 101:
burning object+wood = fire


I think I've decided that dill is my favorite herb.


one orphaned fancy high heeled shoe sighting. 4 inches and shiny black must have just been too much.


overcome by the goodness of the smell after a morning rain


it's official. i guess i am an endorphin addict.


at checkout the Potbelly's man told me I owed him seven hundred and forty nine penny's
and he was able to keep a straight face through the delivery


"when I was in high school, I was playing tennis and got wacked in the face with an eye"
fruit flies are also very difficult to catch mid air
where do fruit flies come from and how do they just magically appear?


perhaps you could just make the font on just that one page smaller?
one of my favorite project managers just requested that I put something in lower font
"I actually like blueberries in all forms" -Lucy


the depants-ing guy is back, and now he has a big box with 36 cheez-it snack bags


"they were good...very loud and very bright"
-friends description of fireworks


the man next to me on the train...no joke...just stood up, undid his pants all the way and casually tucked in his shirt. Must be European.


I've never really understood the expression cool beans


I in to let = toilet


rank smell on train.
people dropping like flies.
rank smell has now been partially replaced with rank berry body splash and lots of people looking around sniffing the air.
hearing someone snore in public places feels undeliberatly intimate


"Why are you so excited?" -somewhat grumpy older man states
"Because I'm on the traaaaiiiinnn!" -cute little 4 year daughter
smirks were shared by many.
My hair color did not help in my miscommunication with a florist the other day.
I was asking how often I needed to water the hanging basket I was purchasing and the clerk responded "of course you need to water it."
Did she really think that I asked if it needed watering?


according to my Swedish grandpa coffee culture has arrived in America


Cowbraro. Word of the day.


Ugg's in June. Really?


I have a love hate relationship with the fruit that drips all over your face and down your forearms
this morning Starbucks was giving away iced coffee from contraptions that looked like ghostbuster backpacks, the coffee came out something that resembled an air gun


Turns out 'the quiet car concept' heightens the annoyance level of any noise, the current annoyance of the couple catching up is so high that people might start switching cars.

And there it is. Someone couldn't take it anymore and said something.

And we have resumed silence.


i've decided that i want a typewriter
the smell, sight, texture AND smell of gushy banana makes me gag

dramatic I know but I can't control it


I love when I can read an ingredients label and be able to find every single item in my own pantry!


it always feels bizarre throwing a small pieces of garbage into a big dumpster


canceling a gym membership is not as easy as it should be

questions. questions. questions.
remorse. remorse. remorse.

No I don't have any health issues, I am also well aware that working out is good for me.


I continue to be amazed at the similarities of finding a job and dating
this book is so good, it tastes good!


red neck ghetto

so exactly what does that visually look like?


apparently, eating on the CTA is subject to a $300 fine


getting to know someone new is sorta like learning a new language
powerlines are squirrel highways that probably never have tail to nose traffic.


strawberries = summer

summer = strawberries


I always find it humorous when I set the timer but forget to start it.


A door can be ajar. But a jar cannot be a door. -Web Guy


25 = lame mark birthday
I find it very awkward when someone is staring at you. Every time you look up, there are the eyes. How am I supposed to react to that?
computers fascinate me


apparently, if you can't find the food coloring, a magical fairy (in disguise as a 50 year old man) appears to point you in the right direction
I saw a teenager buying handcuffs in Jewel Osco.
note to self: running in the pouring wet run creates dry itchy skin. who would have thought?


doing dishes is like giving dishes a bath
just said flutted instead of fluid


hand cups

(I meant to say hung up)
creative zone much?


turns out my suspicions were correct. in the ladies room a coworker exclaimed "you look just like a baby doll!"

today my outfit reminds me of elementary school.
leggings and a flowery top.
turns out human hair has similar attributes to fishing line


the word nosy looks a lot like noss-y
sax player plays "if you're happy and you know it" while hundreds, if not thousands of commuters tromp homeward
if revolving doors were not made of transparent glass a lot of people would get hurt
"it's like a muppet exploded in a birthday card"
frosted mini wheats sink in milk


train naps = lovely
creamer in tea always reminds me of being on a plane
I wonder if anyone in the world microwaves their salad


we do not let tears fall down our entire cheek enough
Smacked up our face.

Sent from my iPhone

eating off of or out of anything other than a real dish makes me cringe
it's almost like I am not really eating


my coworker was sitting in my office explaining that "having a job on the copier machine is like having a baby, constantly listening for it and seeing how it is doing." then she gets up, leaves and says " let me check on it."


tonight I was asked 'I hope you don't think I'm racist for asking this, but do you know anyone that works at IKEA?'


Do no trespassing signs really keep people out?


I think I'm going to start saying hahe instead of haha
quote of the day
"oh hello outside"
"no, you go" "no no, you go" "no you go"

this social interaction makes me laugh out loud everytime
Spring is unique from other seasons.
There is an intense longing and anticipation of spring. You feel it growing inside of you, even before it has started.

The other seasons are more subtle, soft transitions even.


I'm pretty convinced that when someone states "today is not a good day" they enter into the downward spiral of having a bad day, thinking more about the bad day, day worsens and so on and so forth
crabbiness is contagious

I feel like most days I hear at least on person ask "is anyone else having problems with their outlook?"


I was asked 'what constitutes a pearl day Emma?'

What a silly question, everyday is pearl day!


Today there was a man that was chugging chocolate milk out of a 1 liter carton.


cleaning cleaning supplies makes me laugh on the inside
mission daffodils accomplished
Rain gear makes the world a happier place

Sent from my iPhone


I was walking down the street and three boys walking down the sidewalk started singing to me about my cowboy boots.
They had a guitar and everything.


whistling is anonymous

oh what grandiose implications!


Thanks to daylights savings I feel like I'm playing hookie from work.


I just found out that one out of ten people in Sweden have Vinter Kräk Sjukan
I just saw a on a business sign that said 'Deerfield Optimist Club.' I wonder if they are in the business of being optimistic.
Sometimes it is easy to forget that rain and spring go hand in hand.


I have just discovered that silent loud body language exists
microwave explosions
According to my train buddy our conductor looks like a toad. I wholeheartedly agree.


today I have a greater understanding why babies rub their eyes when they are tired
green bananas are very predictable.
they always turn yellow.
getting to know someone new is like building a puzzle
incorporating the word post-haste as much as possible into conversations makes me smile inside
Metra has a blue sign with the following language:

"No Skate Boarding
No Roller Blading
No Bicycle Riding
No Scootering"

Until just now I was not aware that the verb scootering even existed.
there's so much to discover. in people. in places.
my coworker was in Ohio and shared the airport with body builders from the Arnold Sports Festival
= people watching on steroids

I'm listening to a song and as I opened up a file for work entitled St. Petersburg the song had the lyric St. Peters.
today I've been writing my 2's differently, unintentionally.
there are loops in them.


my next-door-coworker has a catapult in his office
the salami mystery has been solved.

my coworker proposes that I fell asleep at my desk, walked to the kitchen in my sleep, opened the refrigerator, took out the salami, ate it, walked back to my desk and woke up.

Based on my sleep history, I'll buy it.
sometimes you just gotta bug in your leg that makes you wanna dance!
someone went into my Tupperware and took out my salami
it has mysteriously disappeared


sometimes it sounds like people are dropping bowling balls above my office


Where is the Life we have lost in living?
-T.S. Eliot
studying body language when people are walking fascinates me

some songs put a longing in me to put on a long white linen dress, put ribbon in my hair and dance in a field of wild flowers


karaoke is a funny lookin' word


The woman next to me on the train is eating 2 hard boiled eggs, 1 hot pickle and protein drink. Not sure what a hot pickle is, is it heated? It comes in some type of foil packaging.
bacon mints. shocking I know, but they are real.
I was just informed that Oreo chocolate chip cookies exist.
I decided some disney songs would be a good start to my day. I got up and went to the bathroom and somehow by the time that I returned to my desk you could hear blasting Disney goodness. oops.


life is too short to not be silly
In a meeting today I kept hitting a coworkers foot.
I think it happened 6 times in a 45 minute meeting.
How do you explain that?
today I bought fresh bread from a bakery.
the only thing missing was a vintage bike, a bike basket and a red bow to go in my hair.
from the sound I just heard I have every reason to believe that there is a witch in my midst
a fridge is kind of like a grown-up version of tetris
except the shapes don't always perfectly fit together
the taste of tea with creamer (instead of milk) reminds me of being a on a plane


getting an electrical shock through headphones is a peculiar feeling
office temp yesterday: 85
office temp today: 60

would I get worker's comp for frost bite?


CVS marketing down the street from my office communicates that they sell babies...
and beverages
different guest blog in response to first guest blog:
It's like a lowlight.

Here is a post from a guest, I guess making it a guest blog:
Did you know that highlighter actually fades over time? Does that not defeat its original purpose?

Is it normal to take a nap 1 1/2 hours after you have woken up for the day?


Decommuting=commuting the opposite way


today I was told: "I like that shirt, it matches your eyeballs"
Sometimes I think that talking to myself is so funny I laugh out loud.


I get frustrated when a Customer Service phone number is buried in a website. Customer Service starts before I even pick up the phone and start looking for a phone number.
I just saw a man holding a handwritten sign 'NEED WEBSITE'
if ASAP is attached to all requests, it negates any legit urgency


Apparently Thai iced tea is 1/3 part iced tea, 1/3 part whipped cream and 1/3 ice cubes.
Soup forces you to slow down.
The A&E logo is lovely. Never noticed it's beauty and simplicity before.
Yesterday at work I was stuck on a perspective issue.
This morning I figured it out in the shower.

The creative mind is a mysterious place.


Just found out that Starbucks in hotels jack up their prices. When questioned the cashier thought we were crazy.
I just saw 3 different doors with the language 'please use other door' repeated again and again and again. 2 red, 1 black. I guess only one of them works. The last door also says 'CAUTION door slams due to high winds proceed with caution and watch hands.' So intense.


Mass texting irks me.
I saw 15 men waiting in line for flowers at Union Station tonight.
I just called the library and the operator answered. Then I asked 'I'm looking for a book are you the right person to talk to?' seemed a bit silly since most people are most likely calling about books when calling a library.
Apparently my purchase of popcorn once every other month has branded me. I sat down on the train and the guy next to me looks quizzically and says 'no popcorn?'
Today I saw stranger proposing. Ring and everything.
I had like 4 people yesterday say "wow! it looks so clean in here!"
all I did was add a new lamp.

power of light.


Taking the o out of occupational creates an interesting result.


Brushing your teeth with a hair in your toothbrush is very peculiar feeling.


i didn't know that you could get an electrical shock on your eyelash. apparently this is possible.
it amazes me when people are impatient when I ask a question that they themselves have asked me to ask
I've worked in the same office for 4 years, used the kitchen pretty much everyday, and just today I noticed for the first time that the kitchen sink has CANADA etched into it.
the sidewalks for my route to work are not plowed. this results in 4 minutes of hyper-adrenaline, heart racing, scurrying every morning


I have a friend with a delightful laugh. When I'm around him I try really hard to think of funny things to say, just to hear him laugh.
the man next to me has a backpack with a tag that says 'nothing worth stealing in here'
coworker: i'm bald because i just pulled out all my hair

since this was communicated to me on the phone, it created a very funny visual in my head
today I lept up onto my colleague's desk in one full swoop
the view from up there is refreshingly different


it's like living in a snow globe
good observation was made last night, superbowl is similar to thanksgiving.
a big feast and some sort of social gathering is almost always expected.
things with fake sugar make me feel like i'm eating chemicals


i just got a shock to my ear.
rays of sunshine feel like smiles splashing onto my face
if i were to make a tower of all of the rubbermaid and coffee mugs that i have left at work over the last month, and neglected to bring home i might add, it would be taller than me
snow makes people impatient


2 of the leading coffee shops in the nation are recognized by the same acronym
in a meeting monday someone used an acronym for Save the Date

this will most likely signify the last time that mistake is made


i have just been informed that i missed national handwriting day
i am sincerely disappointed.
i think that cinnamon raisin bread goes well with just about everything
I've recently discovered that I suck at listening to the menus when calling toll-free numbers. This spaciness results in having to listen to the menus at least two or three times.


i was a bit surprised to see a women freestyle dancing in the middle of the street this morning.
then i figured out that she was slipping on ice vs. awkwardly breaking into dance


according to my high schooler chickens poop eggs


"I've recently discovered that chili is surprisingly filling. It's like a sneak attack." -Michelle
a man just yelled into his phone "it's corny to get on your knees and say will you marry me!"
call me crazy, but I love the feeling up pulling up my socks, even better if the experience is lengthened by knee socks
a want a bouncy ball suit and a big padded room


my then-cookies-now-rocks have been attacked by 72 hours of air


Does anyone ever call the phone number on the 'to advertise here' billboards? I want to meet the guy who sees a blank billboard and says 'Wow! That is exactly what I should do! That location is perfect for my new marketing efforts.'


Wisconsin radio has 2 options: country and country twang
Still feel like Europe. Just ate some frog legs.
I guess I'm taking a speed trip through Europe: Denmark, luxemborg, Brussels... Oh wait I'm just in the boonies of Wisconsin.


My new friend and I were catching the same train. He was sprinting I was walking.
> A busy street on my walking route went from one way to two way. Accident waiting to happen.
you can determine if someone is going to be an escalator walker or stander by the speed at which they step on
this morning I'm reminded of how precious life is


I just heard someone say, "for like 47 minutes," the descriptor seems a bit odd smashed with 47
Red bull man is back. Don't you just loooove Wednesdays?
the smell of fresh brewing coffee in the kitchen reminds me of grandma's


I'm about to get off the train and there are two men with the exact same shoes on
today i discovered strips of plastic in my shirt seams
it fascinates me that as a human race we are much faster to get angry when other peoples action make us look bad
this morning someone stepped on the back of my shoe on my way to work.
it came off.


i find it interesting when people start a conversation with 'not that it matters'
this morning I was minding my own business walking to my desk and a grumpy coworker with a 'get a life'

perplexity ensued