Hot drinks have such an inviting essence.


people are typically lying when they say 'no pun intended.' it is almost always followed by a ha ha ha. they clearly meant to say it.


Caution Falling Ice signs are a bit of a contradiction. They exist to warn people of falling ice but when you look up to look for it, you run the risk of impaling your eyes.
Teenage girls have mastered smacking their gum distinctly


I just called my cell phone from my work phone and was perplexed when my cell was ringing with a number I didn't recognize...


Just saw a North Face advertisement "Give the gift of staying out longer." Genius.


sometimes when I'm walking to work I feel like singing 'the ants go marching one by one hoorah hoorah' at the top of my lungs


I was just made aware that there is a common pattern entitled hound tooth
somedays I forgot how completely revolutionary it is that a piece of plastic suctioned to my eye gives me sight
bundled up = limited peripheral vision
I love watching all the "cold, it's windy, this is painful" facial expressions on the passer-byers.
You know it's bad news when you wake up in a haze on the train thinking you are on your way home and not on your way to work. W
Alas, the 'now approaching Western Avenue' perplexed me greatly.
Multiple's are funny.
If you have multiple backups of something, it is almost guaranteed that you will loose all of them at once.
If you buy more than one of something as a, just-in-case-one-breaks-or-gets-lost-kinda-thing the first one you use lasts forever.
Being warm is a much higher priority than being fashionable.


I feel a bit like royalty when the conductors on my train come by to collect tickets and just nod in my direction. It is like they are saying 'no sweat, you're a regular.'