I think I'm going to start saying hahe instead of haha
quote of the day
"oh hello outside"
"no, you go" "no no, you go" "no you go"

this social interaction makes me laugh out loud everytime
Spring is unique from other seasons.
There is an intense longing and anticipation of spring. You feel it growing inside of you, even before it has started.

The other seasons are more subtle, soft transitions even.


I'm pretty convinced that when someone states "today is not a good day" they enter into the downward spiral of having a bad day, thinking more about the bad day, day worsens and so on and so forth
crabbiness is contagious

I feel like most days I hear at least on person ask "is anyone else having problems with their outlook?"


I was asked 'what constitutes a pearl day Emma?'

What a silly question, everyday is pearl day!


Today there was a man that was chugging chocolate milk out of a 1 liter carton.


cleaning cleaning supplies makes me laugh on the inside
mission daffodils accomplished
Rain gear makes the world a happier place

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I was walking down the street and three boys walking down the sidewalk started singing to me about my cowboy boots.
They had a guitar and everything.


whistling is anonymous

oh what grandiose implications!


Thanks to daylights savings I feel like I'm playing hookie from work.


I just found out that one out of ten people in Sweden have Vinter Kräk Sjukan
I just saw a on a business sign that said 'Deerfield Optimist Club.' I wonder if they are in the business of being optimistic.
Sometimes it is easy to forget that rain and spring go hand in hand.


I have just discovered that silent loud body language exists
microwave explosions
According to my train buddy our conductor looks like a toad. I wholeheartedly agree.


today I have a greater understanding why babies rub their eyes when they are tired
green bananas are very predictable.
they always turn yellow.
getting to know someone new is like building a puzzle
incorporating the word post-haste as much as possible into conversations makes me smile inside
Metra has a blue sign with the following language:

"No Skate Boarding
No Roller Blading
No Bicycle Riding
No Scootering"

Until just now I was not aware that the verb scootering even existed.
there's so much to discover. in people. in places.
my coworker was in Ohio and shared the airport with body builders from the Arnold Sports Festival
= people watching on steroids

I'm listening to a song and as I opened up a file for work entitled St. Petersburg the song had the lyric St. Peters.
today I've been writing my 2's differently, unintentionally.
there are loops in them.


my next-door-coworker has a catapult in his office
the salami mystery has been solved.

my coworker proposes that I fell asleep at my desk, walked to the kitchen in my sleep, opened the refrigerator, took out the salami, ate it, walked back to my desk and woke up.

Based on my sleep history, I'll buy it.
sometimes you just gotta bug in your leg that makes you wanna dance!
someone went into my Tupperware and took out my salami
it has mysteriously disappeared


sometimes it sounds like people are dropping bowling balls above my office


Where is the Life we have lost in living?
-T.S. Eliot
studying body language when people are walking fascinates me

some songs put a longing in me to put on a long white linen dress, put ribbon in my hair and dance in a field of wild flowers


karaoke is a funny lookin' word