fill me with popcorn and call me cracker jack
yesterday I saw a man walking with headphones belting out the song he was listening, for all to hear
not having something makes me appreciate it so much more.
like scarves.


"It's not that God speaks louder in nature, it's just that it's easier to hear him in the silence"


money money money. must be funny. in a rich man's world.


Violet coat. Green and yellow scarf. Lime green beret.



The site was beautiful. A little boy holding his mothers hand, skipping along, ready to take on the big city. Proclaiming: "I saw the top of the tower!"

I could hear the conversation from their morning in my head as I walked beside them. "Okay honey. Today is a very special day. Today you will be coming with mommy to work and see all the big buildings and wear your Bears hat and pack all your treasures in your special cubs backpack."
I saw colleagues with matching winter coats. I wonder what the story is behind that.


I wish we still had balls and dance cards


I think it is a bit heartbreaking when someone compliments me while simultaneously tearing themselves down
my eye just has a run in with an eyelash. the eye won.
i love snow boots
classical music inspires and refreshes
this morning I saw a woman carrying a watering can to work


yesterday I saw 2 dogs running their human
going to work in a snowstorm. simply delightful, I pretended I was downhill skiing.


this morning the river was wearing a stained glass winter jacket


i'm thankful for teeth that can eat carrots


Taking a different route to work this morning gave me a sense of adventure.

I even cut through the lobby of the beautiful Palmer House.
Computers are fascinating. So much going on in such a small space.
Today I saw a donut crossing the street.


Where in the World is Carmen San Diego


listening to Sofia Karlsson with headphones takes me to a different world.
A cheery, contemplative, happy world.
I saw a businessman wearing a fedora. I love fedora's.