No Dumping signs intrigue me. Does anyone really ever stop, read the sign, then decide to not proceed with the dumping they had planned to do?
there is an awkward time of day that is neither good morning nor good afternoon.
alas, i have resolved to say good post-morning.


I find it fascinating when the express line more than triples the normal lines in length. Sometimes I have the urge to inform people that the sign does not say 'ALL 15 items or fewer shoppers have to wait here.' But yet they do.


soup tastes way better with a metal spoon, plastic spoons ruin soup


shoulda worn rain boots
I appreciate what the strategy, but I find the tagline 'America runs on Dunkin' to be a bit far stretched. I do not know of any American runners who say 'let me just fill up on some coffee and donuts before my run!'
One of my neighbors thinks that we have a trash shoot for dog poop bags. We don't. Instead, I get the privilege of having my yard littered with tied up bags of dog poop.


I just found out that there is a knitting store called hooker's nook? Reeeally?


I am not the only crazy sleeper. My friend's husband woke up with her hand in his mouth.
Today I experienced a mini shower during my lunch date-much thanks to the cute old lady sitting next to me.
Is it possible to sprain your nose? If so Sally claims to have done it.
Today I raced a stranger to the train station.
I won.
this morning I had a crafty opportunity to tie-dye my black and white mittens with coffee


"i've realized something, uncomfortable shoes make me more tired"
pancakes fried in bacon grease are crazy delicious, and unhealthy
when I eat tuna out of a can I feel like a cat


note to fellow new home owners: timed heaters work better when the current time is not set to 12 hours earlier and 2 days late
Running gear is officially expensive. Grrrr.
cutting through newspaper is super satisfying
12 foot Subway at 8:54 in the morning, really??
I find the phrase interesting dynamic to be a bit redundant, because dynamic in essence is the opposite of static -sally


Is having a Segway in a crowded train station really that helpful for a cop?


my neighbor has a stroller that she walks her dog in

it's hot pink
coworker "clearly i shouldn't pour my coffee until i have my coffee"


if I could pick my phone number I would pick 847-90210-10
I just received the kindest 'bless you' from a stranger.
according to people's magazine fat cats are out


when we read we read the top half of letters
this morning I discovered that jumbo headphones can double as ear muffs