"it's kinda like skiing, the shorter the skis the more control you have."


these are a few of my union-station-at-rush-hour things:
•people using their hand like it is a fish to navigate through crowds
•newspaper sales guys
•sweet smell of chocolate coming from Blommer's down the river
•crochet angel sales lady (no one knows if she actually is selling them or just hanging out in a high traffic area making them)
•the faithful sax player
•monthly sighting of the Amish
•giving a salute/wave to my favorite conductor
"high buildings do complicate life"


I would love to see how people would react to someone in foot traffic with car sound effects blasting from a hidden speaker that correlated to speed and quick movements

Screeching, fast turns, slamming on the breaks, gear shifting. The possibilities are endless!

somedays I have the strong urge to start dancing along with the music that is being blasted out of unaware-loud-music-listeners' headphones


I am happy to report to everyone that it is officially knit accessories time. of course there are those of us who wear knit accessories all your long.
the inside of bananas are fascinating


you can take the girl out of the forest but you can't take the forest out of the girl


I just saw a gradient car


you get the donut and the donut hole! -sally
I so do not love tourists. But yet I love being one. How odd.
walking up an escalator feels like magic


"it's a comfort to know that i am a beacon for plastic"


yesterday I fell asleep on the train. when I awoke my neck was sore so I started stretching. a guy starts talking next to me, rather loudly, 'don't you just LOOOOVE tuesdays? Aren't they just the best day of the week?'
yes, I do love tuesdays. and most days of the week for that matter...


today I was ordering a latte. this is how the conversation went: no sugar? no. no syrup? no. no splenda, no nothing? no. are you sure? yes. wow, that is going to be a really strong latte.