I just ate a cookie that featured "100% butter" on its packaging.
Does that mean that I just ate a stick of butter?


string cheese makes me oh so happy.
today I was put on hold. instead of playing elevator music they educated me with some news radio.
I saw 13 skateboarders. Skating in the loop. Weaving in and out of cars.
As they approached it sounded a like a stampede. A very young, not-so-smart stampede.


I get very frustrated when I cannot speak to a real person when I call a place that I am paying money to. It is even worse when they say "we are currently experiencing higher call volume than normal." Is it really uncommon if they have that recording at all times?


I love tea cups and tea saucers.


on my way in today i was informed that it is blonde week in chicago


cheese curds are more squeaky when warm